Stay tuned for new products

Stay tuned for new products

Emily Carswell ·
New Year, New Ideas. We are continuing to come up with unique candles for our loyal customers. We are launching color-themed votives and tealights for the upcoming holidays (Valentine's, St. Patrick's day, and Easter). We love trying out our new ideas. After several months of prepping and learning, our new Pearl machine is at full speed, with production increasing daily. Now for those unfamiliar with our brand, We make 100% American Beeswax gathered straight from the American Beekeeper. We have found that most pearls sold in the US tend to be foreign wax or blended with other waxes; this makes the pearl quality low. If you have bought pearls or beads in the past, you may have been disappointed in them. Our goal is to supply a 100% American product with blocks or pearls. You may ask, "What do I do with these beeswax beads?" Pearls are easier to measure for small batches; their easy handling is excellent for DIY projects. If you have purchased beeswax in block form from us, rest assured that the pearls are of the same superior quality. All of our beeswax is triple-filtered and goes through graded quality control before leaving our facility, and this is true for Blocks or Pearls. Each bag is hand packed by us and not a robot. We are excited to see what 2023 has to offer. May you and your family be blessed this year!

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