About Us

Grandpa with his Bees

     Welcome to Beelite Inc.  The genesis of Beelite began over sixty-five years ago in the apiary of my father, Stanley Trescott (Pictured Above). As a conscientious beekeeper, my father regularly rendered the Beeswax left over after extracting honey from his many hives. When he passed away in '96, I started working on refining the Beeswax, through a filtration system, to provide finer, superior quality beeswax. Using a filtration system rather than bleaching agents to process the wax, we keep the Beeswax as pure as nature intended.

     By March of 2002, My wife and I felt we could finally provide to the general public a high quality, all-natural beeswax candle at a genuinely competitive price, and BEELITE CANDLES began.

     Beelite Candles relocated to the Mountains of North Carolina in 2011 and this is where we reside today. As Fourth Generation Beekeepers, my children Zach, and Emily have worked in the family Apiary with bees and the wax since they were old enough to crack open a hive. My children all know the wax operation from beginning to end, or from worker bee to wick.

We are a family owned business and value our customers. 

We do not add any color additives or scent; Beelite Candles commits to keeping the Beeswax pure. Another thing you can be assured of when buying a Beelite Candle is that we use only 100% Cotton Wicks. Other places use wicks that have a zinc core, so when the candle burns and hits the core, the zinc can put off chemicals into the air defeating the purpose of Beeswax. So here at Beelite, we make the promise to you, our customers, that ALL of our candles are 100% American Beeswax made with 100% Cotton wicks.

Beeswax is one of Mother Nature's purest and efficient product for making candles.

 Beelite Candles offers an all Natural and Environmentally Friendly Candle.

 Made from nature's renewable resources; Think "GREEN" for your candle needs.


I hope you enjoy browsing our website

Tim Trescott