Our Mission

Our Mission

Zachary Trescott ·

Our mission at Beelite Inc is to have a brand that everyone can trust; in this world of false advertising and misinformation, so many companies are selling beeswax that is imported from China and then relabeled, and packaged in the US. Buying beeswax that is from China drives the price beekeepers get paid here in this country for their beeswax down, and in the end, that hurts the local bee industry. We want to treat the beekeepers who work very hard out in the sun every day to collect this natural product with respect and pay them a fair price for their efforts. We have over 20 years of experience cleaning beeswax without using any chemicals to deliver the customer with the highest quality cosmetic grade beeswax at a fair price. Our beeswax is always purchased from USA Beekeepers that we have hand selected to have the highest quality beeswax to deliver you an all-natural exceptional product. If you have purchased our beeswax, you know the difference from buying knock-off beeswax; please take the time to write us a comment and help spread the word to always buy your beeswax from Beelite Inc.


Zach Trescott

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