Why does Beeswax Bloom

Zachary Trescott ·
About Bloom
Beeswax will naturally form a dusty coating over time called bloom. Bloom rises to the surface of a candle when some natural components found in beeswax migrate to the surface of the candle. The colder the temperature is (in the environment), the bloom will appear faster; for example, at 32 degrees, it will appear within 24 hours. You can remove bloom easily by wiping the candle with a soft cloth, or if there is a significant amount of detail in the candle, use a hairdryer for about 15 seconds, on LOW temp. You can also run the candle under warm water, careful not to melt the beeswax. Another thing you can note about bloom is if you buy a beeswax product and notice it never forms bloom that is a good sign that your product has been blended with a wax other than beeswax or it has been chemically treated

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