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How to Make a Beeswax Candle

Emily Carswell ·
  1. Choose a safe and stable location to set up your wax melter (crockpot, deep fry pot, double boiler, tank) Gather your supplies like rubber bands, wick, and a wick holder.

    2. Wick the mold using a wicking needle or sewing needle. You want a fairly pointy end to help push through the rubber.

 3. Place rubber bands around the seams of the mold. Center the wick and place a bobby pin or other wick holder on to keep it center. Spray with a release agent.

4. Gather a pot of liquid beeswax and pour into your mold

5. Allow the wax to cool and harden for 2-3 minutes before pouring more wax into the mold's top, a process known as "capping the candle." This step compensates for beeswax shrinkage as it cools.
6. Once the wax has fully cooled and solidified, remove the wick holder and bobby pins. Carefully separate the mold seams to release the candle. Gently pull out the candle, trim the wick to 1/2 inch, and stand the candle upright. Voilà! You have successfully crafted your own candle.

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