Bulk Filtered Beeswax

Bulk Filtered Beeswax

MADE in the USA

100% Natural Beeswax

Bulk Filtered Beeswax


Beeswax pallets are NOT out of stock.  We are currently at a 3 week lead time meaning if you place an order today it will ship in less than 21 days.

     Call (833) 468-2929 to get a pallet of 480lbs or more of our top-grade, 100% Natural Triple Filtered Beeswax! We utilize no chemicals and our beeswax is hypoallergenic, pure and sourced exclusively in the USA.

     Beelite Inc is devoted to providing customers with high-quality, genuine All-American products. Our ultimate goal is to offer the best, purest, most natural beeswax on the market. Please note that site-wide discounts are not applicable for this product. All orders require freight shipping and we may require your EIN.

Contact Us @ (833) 468-2929

  • Features:

    • No Chemicals
    • Hypoallergenic
    • 100% Pure Beeswax
    • Made in the USA
    • Sourced in the USA
    • Cosmetic Grade
    • Convenient  for handling 
    • Great for DIY Projects

Please call for current price.

MADE in the USA

100% Natural Beeswax

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Amazing Purity

We have purchased these 25 pound boxes numerous times, and its the cleanest wax out there. Utilizing the slightly more expensive beads of wax are easier to handle in the candle making shop. Side note: We have never had a damaged cardboard box! and their boxes are great for repurposing. We are looking forward to our first purchase of the bulk pallet of wax!

Velma Oneill
Amazing smell and quality

Really good quality wax that smells great and melts and burns clean, no smoke. 🔥 I will be ordering more in future. I am in the process of using the 25lbs to make candles for friends and family. Thanx for such a great product.

Patricia Albert
Best Beeswax in the World!

I love, love this Beeswax I purchased the 25 lbs yellow Beeswax blocks shipping was fast the box came in a bit damaged on the 4 corners but did not damaged my precious beeswax. This Beeswax is well filtered looks clean and beautiful I almost didn't want to use it just look at it as a trophy. But I had to make these marvelous baby Yoda candles with it they came out wonderfully I wish I could put a photo of them here! To show you the glory of this Beeswax. I will be going to France soon to start a Beeswax candle making there. I hope that the company can ship it there for me... Mean time I will be ordering the ivory BEESWAX!!!


My kids started making beeswax candles to make extra money. They were so excited to get a product that they don’t need to filter themselves. The slabs of beeswax are beautiful and perfect! Absolutely no need to filter again. Shipping was fast! The box did come busted on the side but there was no damage to the product. When they run out we will definitely order more.

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