Boîte de 10 à 25 livres de perles de cire d'abeille 100 % pures des États-Unis, pastilles, perles

10-25lb Box Pure 100% Beeswax Pearls, pastilles, beads, pellets, granules
10-25 Pound Box of 100% Pure Beeswax Pearls, pastilles, beads, pellets, granules

Fabriqué aux Etats-Unis

Cire d'abeille 100 % naturelle

Boîte de 10 à 25 livres de perles de cire d'abeille 100 % pures des États-Unis, pastilles, perles


Perles de cire d'abeille Pure USA de 25 lb (pastilles, perles) aux couleurs naturelles. Notre luxueuse boîte de 25 lb de perles de cire d'abeille est un classique intemporel, soigneusement issu des meilleurs ruchers naturels des États-Unis. Fabriquées sans produits chimiques, ces perles de qualité cosmétique offrent des avantages hypoallergéniques exquis, parfaits pour les bougies faites à la main et un large éventail de projets de bricolage. Profitez d’une expérience luxueuse d’origine naturelle.


  • Pas de produits chimiques
  • Hypoallergénique
  • Cire d'abeille 100 % pure
  • Fabriqué aux Etats-Unis
  • Provenant des États-Unis
  • Qualité cosmétique
  • Pratique à manipuler
  • Idéal pour les projets de bricolage

Il s'agit d'un véritable produit entièrement américain. Utilisant uniquement de la cire d'abeille pure des États-Unis produite aux États-Unis par des apiculteurs américains, Beelite Candles vise à fournir aux clients la meilleure cire d'abeille, la plus pure et la plus naturelle que nous puissions traiter.

*Les remises sur l’ensemble du site ne s’appliquent pas à la cire d’abeille pure des États-Unis, car il s’agit de notre prix le plus bas.

    Fabriqué aux Etats-Unis

    Cire d'abeille 100 % naturelle

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Lisa Koehn
    Beautiful Beeswax!!!

    I am so very much impressed with the beeswax I ordered!!! The ivory and the yellow are lovely. My hand dipped yellow tapers burn beautifully. No dripping while burning!!!!!!

    Alyxandra Prinz
    Wonderful quality beeswax

    Beelite Candles is my go-to for ordering beeswax for candle making. SO many other companies claim to use 100% beeswax, but its really cut with plastic which makes for a very toxic experience when melting it. Not with beelite, the aroma you get from melting smells 100% like honey. The quality is lovely as well when hardened, it holds essential oil scent very well. I cannot recommend them more.

    Alicia Acevedo
    Smells AMAZING

    I have gone through dozens of different bees wax brands since last December. Not one has this quality that this one has by far and away.
    I can’t tell you how difficult it was to find this quality elsewhere but I can say that I had been searching and testing for over 4 months.
    Other products don’t have the beautiful honey scent or the melt ability that this one has.
    My customers have left positive comments saying that my wild yam cream smells of honey and flowers, thanks to my new Beelite beeswax❤️🐝
    I also was struggling to find country of origin listed on other brands, because there is lots of shady stuff going on with some of the other companies, even passing cheap dyed wax as bees wax, yes that has happened.
    I also wanted to support our US farmers. This is my go to bees wax I love it and will not buy any other.

    Adam Davenport
    So Fragrant!

    This wax is PERFECT for my candles. Great quality everytime, smells like honey, and is perfectly golden.

    Most Divine Smelling Beeswax

    This beeswax smells so absolutely amazing. I've yet to come across such a pure product. They shipped right away, too. 110% recommend Beelite candles company!

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