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The idea of wax Christmas tree ornaments is not new. Before blown-glass ornaments were popular, the Lebkuchen bakers of the sixteenth-century Germany created the first beeswax ornaments by using their gingerbread molds. They used honey for baking, and with the leftover wax from the honeycomb, they made replicas of their molds using them as decorations for the house and Christmas. German immigrants brought this art form to Eastern Pennsylvania in the late seventeenth century. Colonial women gathered honey from wild beehives found in wooded areas. They removed the honey from the comb and used the wax to mold decorations for their home. At one time, wax ornaments imported from Germany were an essential part of the Christmas tradition. The ornaments we make are 100% natural beeswax, molded from cookie and candy molds and continue the German tradition.
Delicately hand-poured ornaments with rich accents of gold, someone would be delighted to have this set gracing their next Christmas Tree.
Our Ornaments are approximately 2" x 2" and come in a special gift box, ready for giving!