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Bulk Filtered Beeswax

Bulk Filtered Beeswax

Product Code: BEESWAX
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 480.00lb


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If you need 480lbs or more we have bulk 20lb slabs of the same great quality 100% Natural Filtered Beeswax, for only $7.30/lb

Beeswax was once something every household had on hand. Used not only to make candles, it was also used as a lubricant, a water-proof, or as an ingredient in furniture polish, cosmetics, or home-made medicinal preparations. Today’s rediscovered beeswax is for these same purposes. We have small blocks for the homemaker to lubricate sewing needles and thread, ease a sticky drawer, window, or tool. Larger blocks are available for waterproofing your boots, clothesline, or fishing line. Try it in that heirloom recipe for lip balm, furniture polish, or floor polish your Grandmother may have given you.

This is a genuine All-American product. Using only beeswax produced in the United States by American beekeepers, Beelite Inc. goal is to provide customers with the best, purest, most natural, beeswax we can process.

Note: This item is shipped as freight and may take up to 2 weeks processing time.

*Free Shipping on this item is only available in the continental united states and is not currently available for the Pallet option in all locations. Residential addresses have a $100 surcharge that includes a liftgate if needed.

Site-wide discounts do not apply to bulk beeswax.

10-28-2015 08:25 PM
This is great quality american beeswax for a great price.
12-03-2020 07:49 PM
Amazing beeswax! The highest quality and best price I've found anywhere.It's also a huge bonus that it's USA produced beeswax. The smell is incredible - most beeswax I've purchased elsewhere always smelled like awful smoke and had no honey scent. My customers and I love your beeswax! I never have to worry about the beeswax I order from Beelite. You have a customer for as long as I'm in business! :)
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