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Wick Dipper™

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"If you want your room to still smell like the scented candle and not like smoke when you blow it out, I'd recommend a Clean-Cut® Wick Dipper. It will help you extinguish your candle without any filthy smoke!"

Made of stainless steal, and an easy-to-use hook is designed to push the burning flame into molten wax and straight up again. The designer dipper has a strategically placed no-mess curve at the end of the dipper.

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  1. Using a wick dipper is simple and results in a cleaner, smoke-free candle.
  2. Using the wick dipper's hook, push the burning wick into the molten wax to extinguish the flame.
  3. Using the wick dipper's hook, pull the extinguished wick from the molten wax and straighten.

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